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Yikes. I was nervous about this year's fabulous new years party, and aparently I was justified. It was large-scale in good ways and bad. It was the first new years I've spent in my house in my city with my house-family. I got to see several people who I haven't seen in a long while, including our spectacular former roommates and my beloved friend who moved off to the States for university. On the flip side, I made out with a girl who I care about rather more than is safe for random New Years make outs and I honestly don't know how shes going to feel about it in the morning. And also someone fell down the stairs to the basement and seriously hurt herself, although we have confirmation that she's okay and will just need stitches on the chin. But still, stitches! On her face! I am soooooo not okay with people hurting themselves in my house, while they are my guests. OMG. Mostly we're all just really happy that she didn't have any other more serious injuries. Still this is going to suck so much for her when she wakes up properly from the drunk and the pain meds.

So. Here's hoping that this year will be less painful than the last, and that it will still be a good learning experience. Fuckin' New Years had better be good in 2010-2011, that's all I'm sayin'.


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