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Progress update on Everything That You Can Keep

Sections recorded: 13 of 13 (yay!)
Sections edited: 12 of 13 (I think, I finished doing 13 and then realized I hadn't done 12, so I should really check 11 as well)
Words read: all of them!!!!!
Total edited time: Good question. I'm just gonna skip doing the math and figure that out once I get everything into one file.

In other news - I have moved to the Yukon. I just got here last weekend and I'm still in a state of pretty much constant squee. Me and my partner and a friend of ours roadtripped it up, which took 6 days and was pretty fantastic. I'm still getting myself sorted out and am looking for work, but I really think I'm going to enjoy living up here.

For anyone ever doing the North Ontario leg, which is beautiful but oh my god so long, I recommend going to Sandy Beach near Wawa and to Kanga's Sauna in Thunder Bay.

I don't have great advice for the Prairies. I'm from there originally and so we stayed with folks, and all of the really great places I know are too far south for the route we were taking. We did manage to get lost somewhere in Saskatchewan, and I can tell you that highways with numbers in the 700s are gravel roads in Saskatchewan. The 300s are paved, but not the 700s. Good times.

For the Alaska Highway section the Liard Hot Springs are even better than they sound, no really, and Sasquatch Crossing is a fun roadside restaurant/motel/workers camp between Fort St. John and Fort Nelson. But also camping. All of the camping. We stopped for a rest at the Strawberry Flats campground on Muncho Lake, though the timing didn't work out to spend the night there, and I think is the most stunning campground we saw - but there were some other good ones.

We saw by the side of the road: nearly 100 wood bison, 15 black bears + 3 grizzlies, 8 or 9 moose, 6 caribou, 5 or 6 deer, 2 or 3 elk, a pair of bald eagles and a fox. Plus tons of ducks, geese, red-winged blackbirds and magpies plus a few herons and pelicans to boot. And none of them ran suddenly out in front of the car, so - success. We did have to stop and let a small herd of bison cross, which they took their sweet time about.
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