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But I return bearing podfic! Which is long overdue! As usual!

Title: A Year (More or Less) in the Life
Author: [personal profile] pir8fancier
Reader: [personal profile] izzady
Fandom: due South
Pairing: Ray Vecchio/Ray Kowalski
Summary: Post-everything.
Length: 2hrs 9mins
Size: 118 MB (mp3)

Archive Links : mp3 | m4b

So I took forever, seriously, forever to finish and post this. Pir8fancier deserves some sort of prize or something for having waited so long for me to finish, but at any rate here it is now. (In my defense I way not in the country for much of that time, but still) In the end, it could never really become a completely a stalled project, because I still get those moments where something randomly calls a scene of this fic to mind, or one of the lines floats through my head. This was one of the first due South fics I ever read and it has remained the due South fic in my head, despite all of the other amazing, classic fic I've read in this fandom.

Partially I think it's that it's as much about how different they are as people as it is about how much twisted up history they share. Partially it's that everyone should have third chances like this, when you thing all the bridges have been burnt and everything's all gone to hell. But it's also that they're all I dunno, grown up, or something in this. Not that they don't do stupid shit, but that we've seen them live through stuff to get here and we've seen how it's changed them, how they relate differently because of it - I am such a sucker for emotional maturity apparently (god, it feels wrong applying that term to Kowalski, but y'know).

Notes on the actual podfic. Damn reading porn is hard. Like I knew it took some skill, but I really struggled with it. Erg. Also had some issues with my very very canadian accent, mostly because the characters sound different in my head and I really really can not sound like them, but I kept slipping up and sort of unconsciously trying to anyway. Hopefully that doesn't come across. In hindsight breaking it up into parts the way it is in the text form might be annoying to listen to. Or I may just have emphasized the breaks to much. But it's a habit left over from my old (as in up until about two months ago) teeny weeny mp3 player that only held 256MB and so couldn't handle longfics without convenient bite-sized sections. All in all I had a great time recording and I can't wait to get back in the saddle (right as soon as I get over the guilt of taking so long on this one). I need to find ways to do less editing. It takes for fucking ever.
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