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So, I've been rereading (well, listening actually, yay LibriVox!) the original Sherlock Holmes stories. Because, hey, what's a good remake fandom for if not for making you go check out the old stuff.

So, the first thing is that I'm actually enjoying them a lot more than I remember enjoying them as a child. I mostly remember being kinda creeped out, and not being super into mysteries. But yeah, loving them to bits. (Also, laughing my ass off. The message behind the first novel is 'It's all the fault of Mormonism'? what?)

And the second thing is that I seem to be writing a fic. It's very weird. This hasn't happened to me since, like, junior high. And even then I never finished anything. Not that I've finished this, nor am I particularly likely to. But still. I'm feeling compelled. There may be bunnies. What? Since when do I get bunnies? Mostly it's just concept bunnies as usual (plot? yeah right.) but yeah, every once in a while I'll be listening to something and just go 'okay, how the fuck does Mary put up with this?!' and then I have to go make them happily poly in my head to get over it. Seriously, if your husband was in the habit of running into his best friend late at night and just deciding not to come home so he can go off and play detective, would you not want to strangle him? Would it be okay so long as they weren't sleeping together? I don't think so. It is so much more fun if you imagine that they have some sort of understanding.

Anyway yeah. It's a weird experience.

In completely other news. I just finally got around to getting Corb Lund's new CD Loosin' Lately Gambler. Because after his Radio 3 Podcast, (Oh, my god!) I could no longer resist. And I am just as in love as I expected to be. Scoring drugs off your vet indeed.
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