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2013-11-16 07:14 pm
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Podfic Post - Everything That You Can Keep (The World That You Need - Part 4)

So okay, this has been super slow in editing. But in my defense, I did quit my job, move all the way across the country and set up shop in one of the most beautiful places on earth. And yeah, I expected to have more quiet time for recording/editing since I no longer have massive street noise from every single location in my house, but instead I had half of everyone I know come visit (see: most beautiful places on earth). So it has been an awesome but completely unproductive summer and fall, but this is finally finished. And it really would not have been if it were not for [personal profile] ailis_fictive, who just checked in to see when I would be posting this and got shanghaied into beta-listening and has been so super helpful and thorough and awesome, I can't even describe it.

Title: Everything That You Can Keep (Part 4)
Author: [personal profile] dira
Fandom: Vorkosigan Saga
Pairings: Aral/Cordelia, Aral/Jole
Rating: Explicit
Length: 2h 55
Size: 160Mb
Temporary Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?upn7iapo42a5xq4
Summary: The impossible takes a little more time, a lot of negotiation.

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And as always, the title music is John Darnielle covering Two-Headed Boy and getting all the words adorably wrong.