Nov. 4th, 2010

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So, I was gonna do this in September, because apparently there was some sort of people posting pictures of stuff they sew thing. And now it's November. But whatever. Also apologies for the poor photo quality, my only camera at the time these were taken was my phone.

I have a bit of a passion for reusing clothes as fabric.

I've had my own sewing machine for a couple of years now (a present from both my grandmothers - a lovely new portable Singer, very plain but very light), but my style has mostly stuck to things made out of T-shirts. Excess T-shirts with cool things on them but that are all (at least) XL are a hazard of the student politics lifestyle and besides, t-shirting is comfortable, stretchy, forgiving and doesn't really fray.

Modded T-Shirts )

When I'm at home one of my grandmas (who is a retired professional seamstress who still does a fair amount of commission work) lets me use her equipment and space, which is fantastic. She's a brilliant seamstress and she's taught me a lot.

Stuff I have made with Grandma's help )

And these last two are things I made all on my own with zero t-shirts, in my total absence of workspace with my adorable little Singer. The skirt in particular is my pride and joy.

On my own )

In conclusion, I take forever to sew things, am incapable of using patterns which means I end up scrapping a bunch of things when I realize part-way through that they won't work, but I've made some pretty cool stuff. And I have a pretty cool grandma.


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