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Back from vacation. Newfoundland=most awesome place evar! Stayed in the most awesome house in all of St. John's. However, my partner and I famously bad at taking pictures and/or even remembering to bring a camera. Oh well.
A guy who picked us up hitching in Cape Breton was listening to the Headstones on his fancy digital music-thingy (I dunno, it looked complicated). Made me giggle, which was awkward to explain. Cape Breton is also freakin' gorgeous. I would love to go back when I'm not just going through. But being that close to Newfoundland would probably induce me to take unplanned day-long ferry trips because seriously, I want to move to Newfoundland some day. It is so awesome.
Doing a bunch of CSS stuff for work, which has been interesting. Maybe I will attempt to dabble with some Dreamwidth styles stuff, but it seems pretty complex.

Also. It was a little terrifying to learn that moose are a significant cause of fatal traffic accidents in Newfoundland, which has the highest moose population density in the world (according to the guy we got a lift off the ferry with). Also, tons of people hunt moose, and while I'm not usually a huge fan of hunting, it's kinda cool to hear people talking about how they go out once a year with a license and kill one and then two families can spend the rest of the year eating it and the population still thrives. I find that waaaaay more reasonable than pretty much any other way of eating meat. Also, the guy off the ferry was joking about how the highway accidents are sort of like the moose getting back at people for hunting them. Which is a little creepy but fascinating in a sociological, study of myths and narratives sort of way.
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